SubGit 1.0: smooth migration from SVN to Git

Finally, we’ve released SubGit 1.0!

SubGit is of a great help for teams who would like to migrate from Subversion to Git version control system, but cannot afford interruptions in the development workflow or even temporary outage of the services that are bound to their Subversion repository. It is a situation in which SubGit comes to rescue:

  1. Install SubGit into your Subversion repository. Installation may take a while, but all this time Subversion repository remains fully functional.
  2. As soon as installation is finished, users are free to choose what tool to use – Subversion or Git. For instance, users may continue to work with Subversion and spend a day a week to learn how to use Git.
  3. Services and homegrown tools are gradually moved to Git or just left as is.
Written on September 24, 2012