From Git to the good old Svn with SubGit

Usually we talk about creating a Git mirror of existing Subversion repository. However, SubGit makes no difference between two and it is equally easy to create Subversion mirror of a Git repository (or merely translate Git repository to Subversion). Here is how:

1. Create empty Subversion repository:

$ svnadmin create svnRepos

2. Configure SubGit in that repository:

$ subgit configure svnRepos

3. Edit svnRepos/conf/subgit.conf to make it point to your Git repository:

[git "default"]
    repository = /home/user/gitRepository

4. Complete SubGit installation:

$ subgit install svnRepos

Now your Git repository is translated to Subversion one and, additionally, you have a working Svn/Git mirror. To disable mirroring functionality run:

$ subgit uninstall --purge svnRepos
Written on October 12, 2012