Committers' Limits Explained

At TMate Software, we are devoted to making your life easier. Even though we don’t give all out our products for free, we’re trying to make our pricing and licensing system as flexible, transparent and cost-effective, as possible. An important part of it is the number of Git committers and the limits, related to it. Since version 3.3.4 we have introduced a more fair and useful system of counting them and dealing with exceedances.


Starter and Enterprise licenses have a limited number of Git committers, also called a «license tier».Each time someone pushes a commit to a Git repository, where SubGit mirror is running, SubGit counts the total number of committers, based on 3 conditions:

  • they have pushed to this or any other Git repository on the same server;
  • where SubGit is installed and registered by the same key;
  • within 365 days back from the current date.

New in version 3.3.4! SubGit is now counting committers, not authors. What’s the difference?

If the total number of committers, including the one that attempts to push, is within the limits of the license tier, then the push will go through and be synced with SVN.

If the committer who attempts to push is the one that exceeds the number of committers, allowed by the license tier, then his or her push will be rejected with a warning message.

  • All other committers, that have pushed within the previous year, may continue pushing new commits.
  • Background fetching new revisions from SVN will continue.

New in version 3.3.4! If the total number of committers is equal to the license tier limit, only pushes from new committers are rejected.

For Enterprise Unlimited license (maximal tier) the number of Git committers doesn’t matter. It can be used with any number of Git committers.

SVN users mapping

SubGit only counts the number of users, who push to Git repositories. The number of SVN users doesn’t matter.

New in version 3.3.4! If multiple Git committers are mapped to the same one SVN user in the authors.txt file, they count as one.


Limit exceeded

When a new Git committer is beyond license tier limit, his or her pushes are rejected.

Limit not exceeded

If there are more than one Git committers mapped to the same SVN user in authors.txt, they count as one. The number of SVN users doesn’t matter.

  • If the total number of committers is somehow exceeded (even not counting the one who is attempting to push), then all new pushes to all SubGit repositories on that server will be rejected, until this situation is fixed. This is a very rare case, that can only happen if two users have pushed commits to two different Git repositories on the same server at the same time, and each one of them alone was not exceeding the limit.
Written on September 30, 2018